Daily Archive: January 9, 2009

Matt Clayton Photoshoot of David Archuleta for the Square Magazine

Source. And thanks to Meleah at LovingArchie.com for these untagged pictures of the Archueta’s. Click  HERE for behind-the-scenes pics. Advertisements

David Archuleta Headshots: 07/21/03 Green Shirt Full Series

OMG, those intensely mesmerizing eyes and the killer smile. Pic. credits go to David Archuleta Fanscene. Click on each pic. to enlarge, and click one more to see it’s full size.

David in orange shirt full series- Pure sunshine!

Thanks, Todd @ AFS.

David Archuleta in Honduras in 2003 and ’04

According to AFS, the pictures of David singing on the float at Carnaval Laceiba in Honduras were taken on 07/29/2003. The other pictures were also taken in Honduras on 05/27/2004 at the Lisa… Continue reading