David’s Mission for Rising Star Outreach

David Archuleta and his Mom, Lupe Mayorga, in Chennai, India, Feb. 2011. Click  HERE for more exclusive pics from AFS.

Pix credit: lifttogether,  ArchieInc, and R. Gunnell.

BTS story

David Archuleta and his mom were in India for 5 days.  He has been a sponsor for Rising Star for a year.  He even worked in the colonies.  He is a delightful, talented, spiritual young man.

Sunday night he spoke at a fireside for local church members.  He told his story about American Idol.  His family had encouraged him to try out but he had just gotten a summer job doing lighting and sound at a local theater and didn’t want to quit that opportunity for something that he most likely wouldn’t get past the first round.  He really struggled with the decision.  “Who am I?  I don’t even  like the sound of my voice and there are lots of really talented people who will try out.”  His parents had always taught them to pray about any question so he thought about praying if he should go to try out in San Diego but then why bother God with such a trivial question.  “Surely Father doesn’t care if I try out for some contest.”  So he decided he should go  ahead and ask.  The answer he got was “Ï have given you a talent.  Go to the audition and I will use you for good.”  He never thought he would make it thru any round but he kept getting voted in.  His whole attitude now is he wants to use his singing to lift others and let the Lord do with him what ever He needs.  I am very impressed by his attitude.  He won’t wear the expensive clothes they try to dress him in because he doesn’t want fans spending lots of money to dress like him.