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Matt Clayton photos for TOSOD Asian Tour Edition cover and booklet

Credit Matt Clayton. Advertisements

Walid Azami Photography (Something ‘Bout Love photo shoot)

Credit: Walid Azami’s Tumblr

Matt Clayton photography

Photo shoot for Chords of Strength

Pics credit to archuletaweb.

Photo session at the Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore

Credit: Larissa and Superadrianme David Archuleta featured in Singapore’s 8 Days Magazine here.

PopEater/AOL: A Day in the Life of David Archuleta

David Archuleta — A Day in the Life. New York, N.Y. Oct. 4, 2010. PopEater follows David Archuleta around on a busy day in New York. Credit: Pop Eater and Diana Levine’s tumblr

Photo shoot for “The Other Side of Down” album

Source:, Cambio. Click HERE for more.

Behind-the-scenes photos from photo shoot for “The Other Side of Down” album

Credit: Jive.

Christmas From The Heart album photo shoot