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Something ‘Bout Love video screencaps

The music video of Something ‘Bout Love, debut single for David’s 3rd album was released on 5th Aug., 2010. I’ve just added 16 more from david-daily. Advertisements

The Greensboro Coliseum, North Carolina, July 29, 2009

These are screencaps that I made from the video of You Can taken by ArchuletaAvenue (Wanda). Also, pics. credit to Patti and Catherine @ FOD, and Vicky @ AA.

Sony Style TV Magazine interview screencaps

I made these screencaps thanks to archuletavenue video of Sony Style TV Magazine.

Screencaps from Habbo interview

He stopped by Habbo, the virtual teen community, for an in-game chat with some fan avatars at their new American Idol Theater. These are my screencaps and BRSTek’s @ IDF. (Thank you)

Hard Rock Cafe- ‘ATM’, ‘I’ll Be’ and ‘Angels’ screencaps

Credit: FOD

ALTNOY Music Video Screencaps

Thanks to Snarkyarchies.

Pepsi Smash – On location performance

Thanks to David-HQ .